Features you need. At your fingertips.

No-Code SaaS Application Development

Create new modules with drag-n-drop functionality, configure field dependencies and module relations easily.

Instantly publish both mobile and web

Take advantage of service oriented architecture by instantly publishing to both mobile and web.

Open API Connectivity

Integrate your app with various systems through the fully documented and open RESTful APIs.

Workflow Engine

Build event based and time based workflows easily, through the UI. Model your internal business processes right inside your application.

Dynamic Analytics and Reporting

Visualize your data with state-of-the-art data warehouse and advanced analytics. Improve your decision making capability with beautiful and easy-to-understand charts.

Advanced User Access Management

Out-of-the-box support for both role based and profile based access control allows you build the right level of security for protecting your data.

Quickly create any business-specific concept with the flexible structure of Ofisim and make it traceable.

Are you an organizer for trade shows? And you want to follow the trade shows? Create a new module called “Trade Shows” on Ofisim, define your custom fields, associate them with your customers and open them for use by all your business.

Do you want to record the costs incurred in your business? Quickly create a new module named “Costs” on Ofisim, specify its fields, associate them with your staff, determine approval mechanisms if necessary and activate.

Access all your Ofisim data from any device connected to internet.

Access to Ofisim both mobil and web. Get rid of expensive hardware purchases, installation costs and maintenance costs.

Carry all your business data in your pocket. Easily access your data on your Ofisim from your mobile device, open new records, stay in touch with your other employees.

Create a marketing database with leads and manage your entire marketing process from one central location
                                               Start to manage your sales potentials before price quote stage
Prepare quick proposals with Quote Management, add your discounts, convert to PDF format and send them by email to your customer via Ofisim
                       Add new modules, new fields to Ofisim with its advanced customization capability, customize forms easily with drag-and-drop interface

Explore Ofisim's Perfect Extensions

Make seamless integrations with your third party systems with Ofisim Connectors and build attractive charts, pivot tables and maps with Ofisim ANALYTICS

Synchronize the information on the legacy ERP systems with Ofisim practically. Make the data that is critical for your business visible on any device connected to the internet on the plain interface of Ofisim, without changing your current operation at all.

Create an order management module in Ofisim. Register new customers and get new order. Then quickly transfer this information into your legacy ERP system and provide integration with accounting.

Make your different systems talk to each. Provide practical data exchange between your human resources application, your accounting application and your ERP application which are in different environments – so instantly update all your systems as soon as a new employee is created.

Model your business processes. Identify each system’s role, create data flow directions, and define business rules. Do all these complex operations with Ofisim Connectors easier and seamlessly

Ofisim's powerful and updated connector structure allows unlimited number of systems to talk to each other. Our current and soon-to-be supported connectors

Ofisim ANALYTICS transforms your data into powerful visuals and enables real time access and monitor the health of your business.

Reach all your data structure in ANALYTICS, create new colums, measures and relations, make your data visible with beautiful charts, tables and figures.

Visualize your data on a map, group them by filters according to the size and enjoy real time and dynamic anlysis.

Navigate different views and data instantly by clicking on any visual, create new tabs and layout easily

Access all your reports and graphics from any web interface or mobile device connected to the internet.


Ofisim ANALYTICS gives you a single view of your most critical business data with perfect charts and figures on a powerful cloud-based infrastructure.